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Transitioning your clients is a critical time in a practice.  Our just in time transition process gets your team the critical information and resources when you need them.  Our goal is that your transition is transparent to your clients, and efficient and expedited for you and your staff so you can get back to serving your clients.  If you are going independent for the first time or tired of creating and getting approval for your own marketing, our branding services can save you time. These resources include a pre-approved marketing library, social media program, website, PR resources, and a professionally developed and meaningful brand.  We look forward to speaking to you about how we can make your transition a painless, client focused process.


  • Transition guide and management of expectations

  • Advocacy throughout the LPL transition process

  • Best Practices Coaching

  • Standard Operating Proceedure Library

  • Monitoring of home office notifications and consulting on resolutions

  • Public relations, marketing, and social media assistance

  • CRM setup and support

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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