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Thank you for contacting us!

Below you will find information about our services and other helpful resources as you make important decisions about your financial future.

We work with families and individuals to create and implement a financial plan that addresses all areas of our clients' financial lives.  Our goal is to replace financial stress with the knowledge that a client has considered every aspect of their financial life and has developed a personal plan to pursue their goals.  We serve each client with integrity and outstanding service to build lasting relationships.

12 Financial Areas:
We Offer:

Investment Services 

Credit Review

Financial Organization

Qualified Retirement Plans

Rick Management Plans

Tax Planning

Titling of Assets 

Estate Planning

Lifetime Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving at Being 

Stock Option and Restriction Stock Plans

Business Succession Planning


Common Stock

Government Securities 

Roth IRA

Business Retirement Plans 

Traditional IRA


Mutual Funds

Real Estate Investment Trusts

Unit Investment Trusts

Financial Planning

Retirement Planning

Tax Plans

College Plans

Estate Plans

Profit Sharing Plans

Income Planning


College Savings

Financial Organization

Business Planning

Life Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

401k Planning

We feel it is important that you get to know a little about our staff and who to call for questions. We each look forward to speaking with you soon and getting to know you as well.

Chris Key, AAMS  |  LPL Financial Advisor

Chris has been a financial advisor for over a decade and spends most of his free time with his family, which includes his wife Nicole and their children Becca, Angie, Rylie and Jackson. He also enjoys woodworking, sports, working in the yard, and everything N.C. State.

Chris handles all investment changes and questions, as well as financial planning, insurance, and other investment matters.

Amy Adams  |  LPL Financial Advisor

Amy Adams, a Johnston County native, has been in the financial services industry since 2013. Amy learned at a young age the importance of securing your financial future and understands that one size fits all approach does not work for everyone. She is committed to developing a personal relationship with each client, so she can better meet the needs of each individual person and their family. 

Amy lives in Benson with her husband Ray, their eccentric German Sheppard, and pleasantly plump cat. Together they enjoy traveling, especially to the Outer Banks, walks through downtown Benson with their dog, and spending time with family during their monthly game night.

In her free time, Amy also enjoys photography and the arts. She participates in the occasional ballet class and sings country with her cousins. 

Rhonda Allen |  Customer Services Manager

Rhonda has worked in the financial services industry for 25 years. She has three lovely cats, Stormy, Tito, and Boo. She enjoys outdoor activities including riding her motorcycle, jet skiing, and spending as much time in her Jeep with the top down as much as possible.

Rhonda works with clients to complete all paperwork, distributions from accounts, questions with statements, online account access and other service matters.

We chose the Bosnia Tree as our logo because the creation and care of a bonsai tree reflects the 3 principles that form the foundation of our firm

Happy Family


Not only does it take years of practice to learn to sculpt the bonsai tree, but it also takes years of care and attention to form a single tree. We believe it is the same with the service that we provide our clients. We continually educate ourselves and our clients on the financial industry and new ways we may be of service. We spend as much time as needed with every client to create and implement an in-depth financial plan for their family or business.



When sculpting a bonsai tree a master practitioner does not choose the shape of the three, the tree dictates the form that is chosen. The master allows the true form of the tree to guide each decision or cut that is made. As we work with our clients, their unique goals and interests guide our recommendations and actions.

Image by Austin Distel


The art of bonsai is a process where the tree both guides and is guided by the practitioner. Often this practice and the tree are passed on through many generations. We will partner with our clients in a long term, dynamic relationship that is flexible to change but built to last.

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